About Us



We’re the original. Zebella started making packs in 2013. We’re about the youth, the discovery of fun, freedom, and fashion.

We design and make world-class products. For everyone. Everywhere. As global citizens, we hold ourselves and our business partners to the highest standards. We’re dedicated to safe, ethical, and lawful manufacturing and adhere to the Fair Labor Association code of conduct.

At Zebella, we continue to innovate and build functional gear that fits you and your life—and inspires your journey.


We make backpacks for your daily life.

We design our products to be durable, functional, and versatile. Whether you’re headed to a concert, to class, or going off the grid—we’ve got your pack.

Zebella is with you for life.


In keeping faithful to our founding vision while evolving with the times, Zebella has cultivated successful partnerships with individuals and organizations.

These partnerships are mutually beneficial and assure greater results for all.